To submit work to be featured, please follow the guidance below. All photographers are invited to submit.

Email: tyrocollective@gmail.com

All work & copyright will always belong to the photographer

phōs submissions

Tyro are hosting an exhibition on the 30th April - 5th  March (private view Friday 3rd May 6-8pm) held at The Photo Parlour, Nottingham. 

If you would like to join this exhibition please email your submissions to tyrocollective@gmail.com, putting phōs in the subject line. There is no theme and you can either submit a singular image or a series. In your submission please include a short statement and social media details. Please send over low-res images but if you are successful you are required to provide a file large enough to print A2. 

Deadline: 25th March 2019

zine submissions

TYRO is looking for projects to publish as zines throughout 2019. One zine a month, all limited edition, all upfront costs covered. Email over either a draft or just a body of work.

General Instagram & Website Submissions

Include your name & title of the series

Around 5 - 10 images

JPEG format only, around 1MB in size

Include a short artist statement about the work

Links to website, email & social media

Using Format