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Marks & Manifestation by Daniel M B Lee Prints

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The work for this project was made in three zones; Ketton Quarry, an active cement works, Pooley Country Park, a former colliery, and areas on the outskirts of towns known for fly tipping.

My motive for choosing these locations was predicated upon them being man marked landscapes. I wanted to explore themes of geography, land use, pollution and traces of human activity in and through these places. I envisaged my work would function as a window on the public resonance and meaning of these sites referencing social, environmental, and geographic concerns. Simultaneously, I was interested in these places as a mirror. How do I connect with these spaces in the moment of photographing? How is a relationship with place informed by craft, beauty, prior experience and place identity?


The project is expressed through a range of analogue materials, techniques and processes that are apposite to my ideas and intent. Zone 3 is shot at night with flash to mirror the time the act and time fly tipping takes place. The visual grammar is more ominous and was developed to create anxiety of emergence from inky blacks.


16 x 12"  archival prints on fibre based silk

(Print size is not full bleed)

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