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Bad Graffiti by Liam Ashley Clark

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I think that my interest in this ‘bad graffiti’ comes from being a skateboarder. When I was younger I would always see funny stuff written on the streets around the places we skated. As a photographer I always carry a camera and now I photograph a lot of the writing I come across. Some of it is obscure, some quite personal, and a lot of it is political. I find it odd that people still spray paint messages in the street, it feels like the internet offers a better platform to get any message across, but I like the idea that someone feels so strongly about something they need to go out in the middle of the night and spray it on a wall. I also like the fact that this graffiti can still antagonise people, in reality its just a bit of paint on mostly scruffy looking walls, but people will judge areas as being dangerous, places to avoid because of it. However, if you read the text, it’s seems it’s mainly done by very politically aware people, who have deep emotional connections to the area they live.

Printed on newsprint.

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