I’ve Lived in East London for 86½ Years

By Martin Usborne

The first book of the very impressive series by Hoxton Mini Press. I’ve lived in East London for 86½ years by Martin Usborne is the debut title for this East London publisher. Martin Usborne who’s work predominately features animals mainly dogs, spent several months photographing an elderly gentleman, Joseph Markovitch.

The pages throughout this book offer mixed emotions. Accompanied by texts from the conversations the pair had whilst creating this body of work, the book offers a small snapshot inside Joseph’s long and lustrous life. When flicking through the work, it offers humor, sadness and show’s off a strong friendship between Martin and Joseph. The first chapter of Hoxton Mini Press series to me is a great success.

The book is still available to purchase here:


Third Edition

Binding: Quaterbound Cloth Spine, hardcover

Trim Size: W 145 x H 205mm

Extent: 80 pages

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